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Jerawat ? Oh...TIdakKKK!

Acne ? Pimples ? ouch !... i know ... i know ... it's a sensitive topic among either girls or womens and either some boys or mens too ! Perfect ,smooth and healthy looking skin is what we want. I got my very first acne when i was 14 , and since then , i'm not cute and handsome and adorable as before... hahaha. What is Acne ? and why ? Acne is a skin disease caused by changes in the pilosebaceous units ( skin structures consisting of a hair follicle and it's associated sebaceous gland). Severe acne is inflammatory , but acne can also meanifest in noinflammatory forms. Acne lesions are commonly reffered to as pimples , spots , zits or acne. Yup , it's too scientific to understand , and yes it's from wiki... ( i'm not a doctor.... ok ).Acne complex...

I have some acne scars on my face and some from my chickenpox scars. Luckily , it's not so many and not big. I wish that i could make my face smooth and clean. There is so many product in the market that offer solution for acne problems. I'd try so many brands , from one to another... and sometimes i just use an ordinary soap...ahaks. Recently , i have a task...to write about acne and acne treatments , and it open my eyes. For this task , i do some research about acne. Now i know a little bit what cause acne and what is a better prevention method to not have one. Hormone , genetic , stress , bacteria and exposure to some chemical / medication stuff is the reason why people get acne. Although there is so many reason , but i personnally believe... good hygiene practice + good sleep + good lifestyle + enough sleep will make your skin okay!... but if you are looking for a treatments why don't you go to murad acne ?

Murad acne complex developed by world renowned dermatologist Dr.Howard Murad. They guaranteed that with a 3 simple steps - Cleanse , treat and hydrate with their product can make skin as healthy as possible. Use it two times a day , you'll have clear skin in just 4 weeks....and they also mention about over 90% of Murad Acne Complex users experienced a reduction in breakouts in just 4 weeks in an independent clinical study. WOW !... let see before and after picture.

Once again... i wish i have a perfect , smooth and healthy skin. But what i can say... prevention is better than cure... because once you have it , if you don't know how to treat it...then... acne will be your 'good friend' forever... Acne complex... yup..it's complex. I'm just writing and sharing some info about it...

4 KomeN pada :“ Jerawat ? Oh...TIdakKKK! ”

:P adeiii.. jerawat! :P hehe.. yup sa pun mcm bejerawat uda nie! LOL... n wow.. murajab juga oo kan itu prduct.. :P heheh great info.. :)

Beck~ sia pun bulum pernah cuba tu produk beck, sia kena bagi task..so sia atas pagar... tia jua 100 % terima dan suruh kamurang cuba... nanti kalau ada apapa...susah ooo... apapapun... pilih dan buwatlah yang terbaik ...ahaks... cam iklan plak.. bah beck... sia slalu ci muka pagi pagi...dengan harapan...muka sia betambah halus dan ayu...eh..ayu...macam lain jak..ahaks..

ui.. buli tahan oh kalau tgk tu gmbr. buli halus balik gtu...

sa pun bnyk scars ni. kuat makan kicap kan hahaha.

mo cuba la juga ni. manaini Murad ni ah

CiCak~Ya bah..macama bagus jak ni product, tapi stakat ni , sia blum sure d mana kadainya...yang ni pun dapat info online jak..ahaks... sia suka makan telur + kicap...hahaha

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