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terima kasih di atas lawatan dan sokongan ~_^

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Tinggalkan Jejak

Owh! Salam Blog di Blogspot ~_^

Aku tak menghilangkan diri. Bukan aku melupakan.
Tidak juga aku membenci. Tiada niatku untuk meninggalkanmu.

hehehe... betul. Aku dah berpindah ke wordpress.org. dengan Hosting sendiri, dan url yang sama

Kalau korang rindu aku (eh..ada ker?)...tak kesahlah...
tapi kalau korang nak cari aku... aku ada di situ.

aku masih di sini... alam maya (bukan adamaya).


Why Not? Repair !

hello World ! Still kickin' ait?

Oh My God! Can't believe it. I'm back here again. Can't hold myself from leaving my lovely blog at blogger. Yeah... hehehe. I need to do some adjustment and 'repair' my blog. Both of it.

Festive season? and we have to make a long distance driving to 'kampung'. A lot of preparation need to be done, such as change tyres, engine services, or maybe gasket replacement. Sometimes we are ignoring the little things. Budget for some is a big issue. To replace or change anything for your car will hurt your wallet for this coming festive season. But choose wisely, a new shirt / clothes, shoes is worth the most or a safe journey home.

Yup! absolutely a safe journey home is my options. It will take me about 6 hours and 20 min for a 375 miles distance if i'm driving from Los Angeles,California to Grand Canyon (eh... it's not my kampung... just an example maa... hehehe). It's a long journey home and car may broke down. So if i'm in Los Angeles i should find a mechanic and repair shops in Los Angeles. Same rules apply if you are in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah or where ever you are. Find your nearest local mechanic and repair shop.

Oh yeah... no car is perfect. Although you are driving a big bucks car , don't be so naive. Please make sure your car is ready for a long distances drive. I don't have '2000 Ford Explorer' and i'm just driving with my small and elegant Kelisa ~_^.

Be safe and take a good care of your car... so they can tak a good care of you ...

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