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Wii For We ? or Me ?

Hello Everybody , it's December again, Season of holiday and joy , where family get together. Absolutely , we can smell the Christmas and New Year  that will come. How fast time go day by day. It'e like you wake up on 2007 and sleep , and when you wake up the next day , it's 2008... and when you sleep again then wake up... Hey ! It's 2009 ! Just me time running fast or everybody feel the same?

It's holiday... So , What's up!?. My answer is , your weight will go up!...hahaha... amazing right, how you can relate holiday with your weight. Yup, when it's holiday peoples tend to eat a lot of food...err, including me without any exception...hehehe. Oh , man ! must do something about this. We Must play Wii Fit ! ... Wait a minute... We what?.... hehehe , it's Wii Fit. Don't you know Wii? Wii is a game console from Nintendo. Don't get it? Okayyy... It's a game console same as Playstation 1, 2 or 3 from Sony and Xbox360 from Microsoft. Wii Fit is another product from Wii. It is a game but a fitness game. Confuse?

Wii Fit DVD game comes with a balance board , where we have to stand on it to play.. what i mean is start exercise on it. There are four categories for training , Balance Games , Strength Training, Aerobic and Yoga. What is more interesting ? You can check your weight. Oucch... shouldn't check more often unless you are sure your BMI is balance and right or else you'll more and more addicted to play wii fit... hahaha... Move your body , dance , hip your waist... burn that fat ( am i talking about myself?...hehehe)

But , if you are already in a good shape or just so in love with your fat... then try any other game such as Guitar Hero 3 or Rock Band 2 or whatever you like...yeah...( ergh, sounds like T.I again). I'm looking forward to have Wii for myself.Erm... Playstation 3 or Wii , so hard to choose. Looking for a better offer and a price that i can afford. Yes , use your internet connection wisely , look for it on the net and compare the price , in the end it's your decision to make ( and your pocket money too ). Till then... Have a very good holiday my friend.

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1 ( ahaks... just kidding ) 

6 KomeN pada :“ Wii For We ? or Me ? ”

nih yang payah nih kalau dah gila main game ...
kan dah susah mana satu nak pilih


yoga? haram ka halal tu? hehe hehe

brapa lah kunu harga dia ni? banyak juga lunok lunok sya yang perlu kana paitung balik nie hehe

hehe nice info.. :P ni games mcm yg dance2 punya tu baa kan..? eh..? lol ^_^"" bah2.. happy celebration si remy! :)

lily~ hehehe... beli dua dua skali lah...huhuhu

Zi~Ahaks, Happy Holiday Zi... nanti sia lawat ko aaa

CicAk~hehehe...halal bah, teda men baca baca...ngan jampi2...

DA~ fuh..kalau tia silap yang Wii tu jak mahal sudah , lepas tu yg penl board ntuk wii fit tu pun mahal... 400 lebih kalau sia tidak silap (bagus lagi beli basikal)hehehe... banyak kah sudah spare tyre kuar...

BecK~ macam lebih kurang gitu bah tu beck.. tapi dia lain banyak... ahaks

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